This is the final resting place for the aged content of melchman.net accumulated over the last 5-10 years. This site is large, filled with photos and growing.

To keep publishing time to a minimum a sub-site was needed. If you are lost, you can go back to home.melchman.net for the subtext blog, people and the always exciting fileroom.


The photo albums are gathered by year. This provides easy access to memories and a reference to events.


The legendary party has no other authoritative resource. It started as a simple birthday party and grew to a legend that ran for 16 years. It inspired a few special brews specifically crafted for Augustfest.
The party was held in 3 states and attracted the attention of the authorities more than once. Happy Birthday Karen!

Ex Tempo

These are special interest pages that collect bits without regard to time. Long time habits, hobbies and observations that are no longer current, so they belong here in
the dustbin.