Karen was turning 20 and wanted a birthday party to mark the completion of her second decade. We were on tenuous grounds as a couple. It seemed no one was going to step up and throw a party, so she threw one for herself.

It became a mix of birthday party, back to school party, end of summer party for several years. It was always a time to let lose, bend the rules, eat too much and get extremely drunk. No one was every seriously injured. Nobody died (Dave tried suicide a few times, but never really managed). Humiliation (usually self inflicted) was prevalent, though. Pictures are therefore rare and may be considered evidence in some jurisdictions.


1988Linden StreetWasn't called Augustfest yet, just Karen's 20th
1991Shillington LodgeDean offered to DJ, couldn't get much dancing going though. Year of gimp.
1992Cardinal DriveTiny crowd of 6 people
1993WoodgateSeafood Fest. Rented the Woodgate pool and had a good mix of old college friends and new work friends.
1994WoodgateSeafood Fest 2. Big on the family this year.
1995Town WalkWine Fest. More of a college sleep over than a serious party.
1996Town WalkWine Fest 2
1997Old Colony 
1998Old ColonyKaren's XXX Brew. A serious beer for the new decade.
1999Old ColonyDeck was there, but the patio was not yet
2000Old Colony 
2001Cedar RockPool Table and Centipede are there, but the game room was still shaping up.
2002Cedar RockBeer Fest with special Hefe Weizen brew
2003Cedar Rock 
2004Cedar RockLast One