Ice is Nice!

Cedar Lake is frozen over. I walked out to Christmas Tree Island and snapped some photos. We will be licking the lake again on New Year’s Eve.

Photo Album: Lake Ice

Inside Lights

Lighting the inside as well. Our tree is electrified and ready for ornaments.

Yes, those are Paw Stockings hung from the mantle. In fact, the first gift of the season was already placed in the fur kids’ gift traps.


Lighting up for the winter holidays. Putting up icicle light in 28° weather makes winter come home for me. A few flurries fell while I was decorating just to ensure I remembered it is cold.

Puppy Library

Everybody loves puppy pictures. You can view them in this bLog

Yes, there are 3.
Yes, we rescued them.
Yes, we are keeping all of them.

Photo Album: Puppies!
Alternate views at
for Abigail
for Chase
for Jake

Genius Only Above Average

Karen is having some failures with iTunes Sync. She gets most things, but her Calendar is just not right. She performed the 4.2.1 update hoping for a clue. No luck!

I encouraged her to see a Genius. Finally this evening she braved the Mall during Holiday Shopping to see a Genius about cure. Net result: “That’s weird. Can’t help you there. Check with AppleCare maybe they can tackle it?”

Sweet 16

Caily is 16 and she threw a Masked Ball to celebrate. Dresses, dancing, food and masks!

Photo Album: Sweet 16 4.0?

Once again it is time for an update to the design. I am terrible at maintaining this site. The last redesign cost much of the content.

I am trimming down to the bare minimum. This page will replace the old

The fileroom is still useful.

Switch back!
I am back on RapidWeaver, hoping the versions in between have fixed my earlier pain points.

Wine Tasting

Karen and the Cedar Lake Ladies Auxiliary presented the second in a series of Wine Tasting Events. The focus was deep red wines.

Photo Album: Spring Tasting