State Champs

Bruce coached the Lancaster Catholics Crusaders to a second state championship this year. Congratulations to Bruce and the players and the families for getting there as a team. Again.

Photos: Champs

Lighting the Long Night

Yule tide is upon us. The lights are up out front.

Photos: Yuletide

Wind Power in Coal Country

On the ridge overlooking Pennsylvania’s Coal Country is a wind farm. Country that includes Centralia which is still burning underground. I got to see it on our way to watch Bruce Harbach coach the Crusaders to another victory in pursuit of a state championship.

The last houses in Centralia:

New Car for Barry

Barry got a new car. A real, new, 2011, first owner car! This is only amazing because Barry like to maintain old, beaten Jettas. His last one has 490,000 + miles on it. This whiplash ahead three decades in automotive technology has my head spinning. I truly never thought I would see the day.

Just Jim Eggs

Just Jim Eggs are 2 eggs and all the veggies you didn’t eat last night. Fry them up omelet style add at least some toast, bacon if you have it!

This was standard morning fare while Jim Ridgway was here getting his daily dose of puppiness.

Trunk or Treat

The early, heavy snow storm took out our trees, power and forced Halloween festivities to be cancelled. We managed to have the annual Trunk and treating for the Cedar Lake Community the Friday after Halloween.

More: Photos

First Snow

Those little white streaks are falling snowflakes, not dust on the lens! October 29 mark the first snow for Winter 2011!

Seriously, do I need to shovel?

Harvest Time Again

Can’t wait to see these pop up again, maybe Kyle will build one?

Good Bye, Dennis

Thanks for the engine of serious computing. Your language and portable operating system enabled generations of hardware to perform magic.

It is still so simple it takes a genius to understand it.

Home Repair

We had a little damage because our roof was incomplete (never received the roof caps!). So I paid someone to replace the damaged drywall, but now I am painting. Paint wants a smooth surface for a nice finish. That means sanding the lumps and edges out of a patch job.

Did I mention it was the ceiling?

I had to stop because
a) I could no longer breathe well
b) I could no longer see the work
c) my curious dogs were sniffing and licking the dust on floor

I had to get down and crate them. I chased Chase into the bathroom and caught sight of myself. No wonder he was running from me! Snapped this picture from my always handy iPhone (Thanks Steve) and sent it to you through the internet.

Good Bye, Steve

Thanks for the inspiration and tools to be a better person.

Since When? 11

© Photo copyright Apple 2011 as seen on October 5, 2011

Living by the Rockaway

So the Rockaway River decided to take a shortcut through Denville after Irene. We were without power for over 3 days. Downtown Denville was flooded for 4 days. Some of these small businesses will not survive.

UPDATE (19 SEP 11): Relief Efforts continue. Evening meals served by the town have ceased, local community organizations are continuing to serve. Work parties are organized weekly to try and repair some of the 150 homes that were damaged but not declared unsafe.

News: The Neighbor News

• Approximately 200 homes damaged
• 150 inspected, 75 have significant damage
• 13 homes declared unsafe, 2 in Cedar Lake
• Approximately 200 businesses damaged
* Source: Township of Denville Hurricane Relief Meetings (12 SEP 11)

Aussie II

Karen bought our first Aussie Grill in Arizona. We used it for 6 years, but finally the charcoal tray and the grill were rusting away. It was time for a new grill. The first Aussie cost like $50. It lasted 6 years! I went out and bought another Aussie. I am hoping for 6 more years.

Why did you buy a whole grill if you only needed parts?
* Charcoal tray $15
* Grill $15
+ shipping
Is about $45

A new one with all new parts was $48 and was here tonight not two weeks from now.

Wine Country Trip

After years of whining about it reminding me, I finally agreed to go to California and see the Wine Country.

The hotel, airline and rental car points had piled up, so the trips was practically free. Jim Ridgway was assuming command of the Operational Support Center Alameda. We did the “math” and decided it was time.

After 21 Wineries in 5 days, I was ready to try anything BUT wine. I managed to have a few beers and even tasted olive oils! Karen shipped so much wine home, the trip was far from free.

Photos: Wine Trip

Why I Left Arizona

I left Arizona because temperatures like this made it unbearable. Why am I driving in New Jersey at 5:30 and still seeing this?

Fence Saga: Thanks

A gracious note and bottle from the neighbors (Liebig) after a long struggle to place the fence and clear the brush that troubled our border. My wife elucidated the project from the “Girl Perspective” after I became hopelessly mired in not wanting to do more work or spend the money necessary to make this project an asset to both our properties. She communicated with our eastern neighbor and reached an amicable resolution.

Fence Saga: Done!

The nice, new, level fence is done! So much drama over borders, placement, level, clearing and this is the result.

Photos: Fence

Fence Saga: Supplies

The cedar planks arrived today. The gates are being unloaded in the picture. We are finishing the grading along the fence line to achieve a level fence.

Fence Saga: Liebig Decision

Choose, but choose wisely!

Is it better to cede territory to the Liebigs and build above to the stone row. This in hope of avoiding trouble at inspection time over maximum 72” height.
Build closer to the line, 8 - 10 inches lower and be able to see over the fence (I am 73” tall).


Fence Saga: Hutchinson Compromise

So far the compromises include staying on “our side” of the Chain Link fence. One survey indicated it is on our property. Two other surveys agree it is mostly on the line.

COMPROMISE: Our new fence will be on “our” side of the property line

Fence Saga: The Clearing

We have 3 little dogs. We want to enclose the backyard so they can frolic and play. We have three legal opinions on where the property lines are laying.

Plenty of surveyor fees, arguments with the Title Company and hour of discussions with the neighbors. We are starting to clear the land and plot the fence line.

Arcade Stuff is Happening

I am at it again with the arcade games. I am currently working on a MegaTouch IV, Ice Cold Beer, LeMans, Scramble, Asteroids and Front Line.

What are you doing in your spare moments?

Photos: Ice Cold Beer


I got my iCade, you didn’t get one! Wanna play? Pysch!!! I got my iCade, I got my iCade!

Rain Stopped!

The rain stopped, the deck is dry again, Daddy is getting the cushions, time for Mommy to come home for happy hour at the lake!


Cushions are out, weather is warming, puppies waiting, time for summer at the lake!

Happy Puppy Birthday

A very cool Chihuahua (mix) birthday for the triplets. Technically it was yesterday, but Mommy just arrived , so we are celebrating today.

Cards from Linda and Bruce, cupcake cookies from Bubba Rose and Mommy back in the house will make this s good day for the puppies.

Photo Albums: Jake, Chase, Ms. Abigail

Where is Mommy?

Why did you take Mommy to the airport? Did we do something wrong? Please go get her. Now.

Spring Flowers

White and yellow and purple, too. Karen’s Crocus patch springs anew.

Where is "Uncle" Jim?

The puppies are enjoying an Early Spring day. Chase and Jake are looking for their buddy Jim Ridgway to return from playing Airsoft, Abby is trying to catch his scent.


Running and playing in the snow was the order for the day. Happy snowy holiday to all!

Photo Album: Snow Day


After playing in the snow today, Chase assumed this position over the heat vent. He managed to catch that last sliver of sunlight as well.

Snow Suit

Do we HAVE to wear these to go outside?

King of the Hill

Kids and puppies find mounds of snow irresistible. After months without a visit from the neighbor kids, the puppies had a play session with the snowsuit set.

Self Cleaning Oven

Apparently something dripped down and Chase thinks it is tasty!

9 New Inches

We received a few inches of snow every day this week, today we got a 9 inch wallop. The puppies will not leave the porch! Trying to shovel a poo-path for them now.

Prediction: Mr. Cornish will smile and have a laugh at my expense when he sees this post.
Photo Album: Winter Wonders

2010 Archived

2010 can now officially end in time. The photo albums and blog posts are now in the dustbin. The 2010 Yearbook is a little thin. I am sure I have more content and just need to post it. Check for updates in the next few weeks.

Link: 2010

Bad Puppy!

Bad Jake
That is a corner of “Mommy’s” expensive, custom, matching pillows. The blur in the background is the criminal responsible trying to escape justice. To paraphrase the old saying, “Wait until your mother gets home!”


A great Blizzard was predicted! Eight inches in the first hours than inches per hour all night. Pffft! The unpatented, unscientific, measure before you shovel meter says 7 inches here in Denville.

No more Presents?

but, the paw stockings are still up?

The Holidays are wrapped again! The tree is dead, the stockings are down, the Yule Log is stored. Hope you made off with a haul in the gift department.

It is REALLY cold now. The days need to get longer. The snow will help beautify, but these poor puppies are sick of freezing when it is time to go out!


Proof that I was doomed to be a geek. That is me at 11 years old. The graph paper, pencil and code samples were there to help me write a computer program. Yes, that is an Apple ][ personal computer. The (barely visible) image on the screen is my program executing.


Mean Pills
Apologies, apologies, apologies! I will be a mean man for the next 7-10 days. I am up to steroid treatments to knock out this pneumonia. I am told I become very mean and ill-tempered when taking Prednisone.